• Dr. Matjaž Knez

"Traveling with H2 cars within the EU is very challenging..."

doc. dr. Matevž Obrecht, head of H2Student Education and Symposium: "Traveling with H2 cars within the EU is very challenging due to insufficient H2 filling infrastructure. Therefore EU promotes infrastructural project related to constructing H2 filling station. H2 filling station are being build among TEN-T corridors to enable long distant driving among the EU cities. However the closest filling station to the University of Maribor is located in Graz, app. 60 km distant from Maribor."

H2 powered cars enables us to:

1. charge it in the same time as petrol powered car (app. 2 min);

2. charge it the same was as petrol powered car;

3. drive the same range as petrol powered car;

4. similar fuel economy even now when this is still

5. a niche marked;zero emission driving


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