• Dr. Matjaž Knez


High school for chemistry, electrical engineering and computer science, Celje, SLO

Mojmir Klovar, MSc., Principal

"I think we need to inform students appropriately about new technologies, environmental problems and other current developments. The development of new technologies is extremely fast and teachers can only acquire this knowledge in collaboration with development institutions or employers, and then integrate the acquired knowledge into lessons and lessons. It is even better if new technologies can be introduced to students from those who use them or are engaged in research work. Since we have found that we can offer our students new skills in the field of sustainable mobility and environmental sustainability through the H2Student project, we are happy to respond to the invitation and become part of this program. The experience we have gained from participating in the H2Student project is unique and I believe that the information obtained will be successfully used by students in their teaching or project work."


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