• Dr. Matjaž Knez

Interview with Janez Potočnik, PhD, member of UN International Resource Panel

The conference entitled: “Circular Economy in the Region: SOUTH EAST EUROPE IN FOCUS”, connected for Sustainability and Growth was recently organized by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia at Bled, Slovenia. The conference offered insights on the topic of circular economy from some of the most renowned experts from the International Resource Panel. It brought together governments, experts in the field of circular economy, and numerous stakeholders from the South East region.

We had the opportunity to talk to Janez Potočnik, PhD, former EU commissioner for science and research and for the environment, currently serving as Co-Chair of the UN International Resource Panel and Partner SYSTEMIQ. He has also held many important positions and has extensive experience in the realm of environment, economics and European Affairs. In September 2013 he received the United Nation's Champions of the Earth Award.

In his speech, he emphasized that Slovenia is now determined to lead the transition to a circular economy and that the transition from EU guidelines to action plans is a key one. This should be addressed immediately, as there is not enough time to leave it to individual companies or cities. He stressed that all EU countries should be involved in this initiative.

You can watch more about what he said on H2Student TV.


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