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H2STUDENT - Unique education program for young people

The H2Student educational program, led by Ecubes Ltd. is run by the Faculty of Logistics, University of Maribor. We are working with the UNESCO Chair on Open Technologies for Freely Available Educational Resources and Open Learning from the Jozef Stefan Institute. The program, which is gaining more and more support in the environment, is being launched for the first time in Slovenia this year, covering the entire educational vertical - from elementary, through secondary schools to universities. Children in primary schools draw on the topic of sustainable mobility, in secondary schools we provide education and competition with hydrogen Lego cars, and at the university level the Faculty of Logistics of the UM organises an International Symposium on Researchers and Students entitled: “Opportunities and Challenges of Hydrogen Technologies for Sustainable mobility and a cleaner planet” to which we will invite world-renowned experts.

The purpose of the program, which is open and accessible to all, is through interesting lectures, content available on the platform and through the game, in an interesting way to stimulate interest in hydrogen, raise technological awareness and inspire young people to choose to study »topics« related with hydrogen technologies.

By raising the awareness of young people about the positive effects of the use of H2 technologies, we spread ideas about sustainable mobility, the usefulness of hydrogen and the potential of using H2 technologies to the wider population.

As the program is well received in Slovenia, we decided to continue implementing it in the next school year 2020/21.

This year we also experimentally conducted the H2Student event at the High School of Mechanical Engineering in Zagreb. Due to positive responses, we have already hired a team from Zagreb to run H2Student events all over Croatia, modelled on Slovenia.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to join us, please email us at .


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