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We are pleased to announce that we have started the implementation of the first H2Student educational and competitive program, which has already been supported by several ministries of the Republic of Slovenia.

The training program and competition are designed to raise awareness among young people about sustainable mobility, the importance of environmental sustainability and the negative effects of engines on combustion on urban air quality. By presenting current technologies and possible uses of the latter in transport, we will seek to encourage young people to become interested in hydrogen, raise technological awareness and encourage young people to choose to study and then pursue professions related to new hydrogen technologies. By raising the awareness of young people about the positive effects of the use of H2 technologies, we will spread the idea of the usefulness of hydrogen and the potential for the use of H2 technologies to the wider population.

You can read more about the H2Student program on our website:, which we want to become a hub/platform for sustainable mobility and hydrogen knowledge/experiences/good practices.

Therefore, we invite anyone who has any experience with hydrogen who would like to freely share it to share his or her experiences with us in writing or video. Our team will review the posts/videos and place them either on BLOG, our H2Student TV channel or H2 Corner.


Welcome to participate!

H2Student Team


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