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Guy Verkoeyen, Haskel’s Hydrogen Systems European Sales Manager

We talked to Mr. Guy Verkoeyen, Haskel’s Hydrogen Systems European Sales Manager. Mr. Verkoeyen supports H2Student program, and promised to attend the final H2Student program event at the end of March 2020, at the International Fair Energetika Interklima to support young students.

With 7 years of experience in the business as the EMEA sales manager for Hydrogenics Europe – the Electrolyzer manufacturer, he joined Haskel ( mid 2020, where he is managing the hydrogen systems sales (Hydrogen Fuelling Stations) for Europe, Middle East and Africa. This entails finding new opportunities, expanding projects, supporting existing organizations with new inquiries, and making connections between the right people and organizations. So in addition to system sales, a big part of the job will be business and market development, and establishing the Haskel brand as the reference for Fuelling stations in the market.

In the past he was involved in many hydrogen projects – industrial applications as well as Power to Gas and mobility projects. Having worked with other big players in the Hydrogen Fueling business, he got involved in fuelling stations all over Europe. Some of these projects included:

· A public 350/700bar station in Scotland (Aberdeen)

· The installation at the new Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Center

· The electrolyzers for the new fuelling station in central Germany (under construction)

· The electrolyzers for a Power-to-Gas project in the Stuttgart area

· A fuelling station installation in Amsterdam with a leading company in the market

· A maritime fuelling station in Belgium

He is committed to help developing hydrogen business in Slovenia, which is highly appreciated.

We are looking forward to his support!


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